Treblle brand guide

Welcome to Treblle's brand guide.
Here, you'll find everything you need to understand, showcase, and champion the next big thing in API tooling.
Perfect for storytellers, designers, and digital influencers.


Logo icon

  • Under certain circumstances, we prefer to use the Icon on its own instead of the full Logo mark. In general, these are communications where the Treblle brand has already been established, either through the use of the entire logo, in copy, or by voiceover.
  • Alternatively, there will be situations in which we will want the Treblle brand to appear more recessive, such as on T-shirts, other merchandise, or environmental graphics. In these instances, we want the graphics to be the main element and the Icon to act as a subtle sign-off.
  • While the Icon can exist without the Wordmark, the Wordmark should never exist without the Icon.


Logo positions

  • Regardless of communication size or dimension, the Logo can only be placed in five locations. This keeps Logo placement simple and consistent while allowing enough flexibility to accommodate our dynamic graphic system.
  • Please keep in mind the Logo exclusion zone when placing the Logo in a corner. In no particular order, the placement options are:

    1. Top left corner
    2. Top right corner
    3. Centered
    4. Bottom left corner
    5. Bottom right corner


Logo misuse

  • The appearance of the logo must remain consistent. The logo should not be misinterpreted, modified, or added to. No attempt should be made to alter the Logo in any way. Its orientation, colour and composition should remain as indicated in this document — there are no exceptions.
  • To illustrate this point, some more likely mistakes are shown on the right.


Colors you should

The brand colors for the mark consist of carefully selected colors, designed to stand out across the competitive set.


Typeface and source

Treblle uses the open-sourced Google Fonts typefaces: Poppins and Inter.


Headings and text style

H1 Poppins Bold 60

H2 Poppins Bold 52

H3 Poppins Bold 46

H4 Poppins Medium 36

H5 Poppins Medium 28

H6 Poppins Medium 20

Text large Inter Regular 22

Text default Inter Regular 18

Text medium Inter Regular 16

Text small Inter Regular 14

Text extra small Inter Regular 12


Logos & Illustrations


Treblle Logo Pack



Treblle Robots Pack


Treblle Influencer

Ready to spread the word about Treblle? Download our comprehensive influencer pack, complete with graphics and step-by-step guides, to craft the perfect post or video.

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